Our Story

After nearly two decades in the industry and endless frustration with typical model shops and low volume manufacturers, a few professional product designers and engineers decided to build the shop they’d always wished for and Firsthand Fab was born.

Unboxing the prototype from Firsthand Fab had me dancing alone around the studio like an idiot. It looked fantastic, which made us look good in front of our clients.

Evan Reese
Co-Owner / Industrial Designer

Firsthand does outstanding work and might be the best-kept secret for us.

Micheal Yim
Owner, Hatch Duo

Why We’re Different

The founders set out to create a one-stop shop and short run production solution that was more aligned with modern product development cycles; that meant developing an organization that had the right mix of skills and could handle requests that ranged from just a couple of parts to a few thousand.

Who We Serve

Firsthand serves product designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and business owners across a wide variety of industries, including: product development, medical device, automotive, lighting, energy, commercial, electronics, aerospace, and more.

Working collaboratively with clients, Firsthand has developed techniques to accommodate just about any ask. From start to finish, the team at Firsthand aims to make the process smooth and simple all while providing impressive speeds and competitive pricing.

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